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It Works - AdPrint Festival



fletcher one of the 7 award-winners

of AdPrint Festival 2013

The theme for 2013 edition of AdPrint Festival, “Print advertising beautifies our lives” as starting point.  Our graphic piece, “It Works”, by Rudy Guerreiro –Art director at fletcher- was awarded in this prestigious festival, where Archive Lüzer and the European Communication Agencies Association collaborate.

The concept

By copywriter at fletcher Virginia Hortal:

"You have an idea; you sketch it, design it and print it. People see it. Simple. Or you can get yourself in an endless labyrinth of trials, gadgets and formats: will it open quickly? Is it for mac or pc? It doesn’t work in explorer… and now adapt it to flash. Flash? Never mind, iPhone.

Better KISS it: Keep it simple (stupid)

Print it!"