Exhibition “Voices of Cáritas against poverty”

Concept, design and development of the exhibition

Poverty distinguishes not countries nor races or religions, and solidarity and response must be given to anyone in need. Cáritas entrusts us with creating an exhibition that points out this problems, becoming an ultimate call for society in general and visitors particularly. Another aim of this exhibition was to propel the Millennium Objectives of Cáritas, spreading a message of peace, human dignity, and human development.


We created a participative space where visitors could interact with the exhibition and take part in the issues that where discussed there.


  • Success of attendance and high valuation of visitors
  • High level of participation of attendants
  • Exhibition has opened new subjects: responsible consumption
  • Production extra complete series of the elements of the exhibition in order to give it a wider rotation through out Spain, including schools
  • Development of an Online Exhibition to guarantee access to anyone interested