aim and shoot


Our job is, in many ways, similar to the ritual of shooting an arrow

Position. Preparing and reflect. Relax, take the arrow; or compiling all the useful info and begin drafting ideas, concepts and Brand visualization. 

Nock. Placing the arrow, taking the string, extend and align; or preparing the most interesting ideas and test them, proving the strength of concepts, until they are superb and well-rounded ideas.

The Draw. Drawing. A solid idea has everything to pursuit its target.

The Anchor. Fixing the point of reference. Presenting the idea.

Aim and Hold. Aim, tighten-hold. Last details to perfect the campaign, action or launching, ready to be shot. 

The release. Release and after-hold. Brand, campaign or action launching. And staying putt to everything that happens to the Brand from that moment on.

Follow-through. Follow-through, correct and gather. Look over the campaign, launching or action, measuring results, action evaluation and subsequent proposals to earn the best results.